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The Bakers

Here are some of the participating bloggers and bakers, with links to their sites. Not all bloggers participating have a photo shown, so there will be more surprises on 11/12!

Cook Local Baking for Food Marx Foods Baking for Food Flora and Flying - Banamak Blue Kale Road
An Open Cookbook Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat Rowdy Chowgirl Rainy Day Gal
The Nutbar - DJPegLeg Brett and Curtis of @drippr Food Samba Kristin Pot Pie
Seattle Food Geek Cakespy Home Plates Chef Cooking Gluten Free!
Sprouties Cheffing Pearl and Pine Anthony Shelley Sweet Lil Piggy
mix,mix…stir,stir – TableFare Amy Ehrlich Cook Craft Grow Jon Rowley's The Beautiful Taste
Fresh Picked Seattle Going for Seconds Once Upon a Pedestal Baking for Food A Big Mouthful Baking for Food
Jenny Baking for Food Feed Yourself Cook Easy Vegan Our Lady of Second Helpings
Deluxe Foods Kernels and Seeds Herbivoracious Dawn Dobolowsky
Hogwash - Thoughts on Food and Life A Table Shared Not Without Salt Snacking in the Kitchen
Ruth Preston Wynne Leon Orangette Virginia Roberts
Mystery Blogger

17 comments on “The Bakers

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  9. Are you still looking for more bakers? I’m Debs from Seattle Local Food and will 90% likely be in town that day. If I am, I’d love to bring some gluten-free treats, likely gluten-free madeleines or chocolate-chip cookies.

    Let me know! debs at seattle local food dotcom

  10. bake4food on said:

    Hi Debs! Already replied to you in email – looking forward to seeing you on 11/12!

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