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We’re two busy ladies and we’d love any help in the planning process you might be able to provide! Or if you’d like to bake for and/or help with the event the day of, shoot us an email at WillBake4Food (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet @WillBakeForFood. We might not catch your responses to this post so please contact us directly if you’re interested in participating.

Thanks for your support!

7 comments on “Participate!

  1. Betsy @JavaCupcake on said:

    Hello there!

    I’m Betsy Eves, blog intern at Cupcakes Take the Cake and owner of local website,!

    I’d love to participate by donating cupcakes! :)

    Contact me with all the details please!

    betsy at javacupcake dot com!

    Thanks :)

  2. Oh what a brilliant idea! I love that this takes no public funding. I didn’t find out about this until today, of course sign up is full. I’m actually hosting a baking workshop at my house the day before, and will have a surplus of food. Is there an email list where I can sign up for a prompt notice for next year’s event?

    Best of luck to all you Seattlite food bloggers this Saturday!

    Joanne at

  3. CFBollen on said:

    My husband and I would be happy to volunteer on Saturday.
    Let us know when you need us and where.

  4. bake4food on said:

    Hi Colleen!

    Not sure if you’re still reading, but if you are, please send us an email about participating – we still need day-of volunteers, certainly! Our email address is available in the link above – it was broken, but I just fixed it.

  5. bake4food on said:

    Hi Joanne –
    We’ll probably have a signup sheet at the event, and we will also include a link to one when we post the results of this year’s sale. If you come back next week, I’m hoping we’ll have one up for you.


  6. nina crocker on said:

    Are you needing volunteers for this year’s event? All of the comments here seem to be from last year.

  7. bake4food on said:

    Hi Nina,

    Yes, we’re still looking for volunteers! Can you send us email directly (our address should be on the Participate tab) and we’ll coordinate with you?

    Hope to meet you soon!
    Jenny (R)

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