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  1. WBFF 2011 Finds a Home, and a Date

    September 13, 2011 by bake4food

    Great news: we’ve found a location for Will Bake for Food this year! We’re excited to announce that WBFF 2011 will be held Saturday, November 12, 2011 from 11am-2pm at the University Heights Center.

    You probably know it as the site of the year-round University District Farmer’s Market (the market takes place every Saturday from 9am-2pm in their south parking lot). We’ve decided on this spot for several reasons: 1) we can afford it. And 2) we can capitalize on the farmer’s market traffic to make the event a rousing success.

    Unfortunately we all know how tough parking can be in the neighborhood, especially on Saturdays during the market. We’re trying to arrange a load/unload area next to the building so bloggers can at least drop off their baked goods before finding a parking spot. The huge amount of food we’ll take in during the event will surely justify any trouble we may go through finding a place to park!

    We’re getting excited! Are you?

  2. Will Bake for Food: the Sequel

    December 5, 2010 by bake4food

    Will Bake for Food will happen again in November 2011. If you’d like to sign up to be one of our blogging bakers,  leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch when the time comes. Please be sure to include your website url.


    -The Jennys

  3. Raffle Winners!

    November 28, 2010 by bake4food

    Sorry it’s taken us a while to get the raffle drawing going. We were both struck with Bake for Food hangovers and then Thanksgiving got in the way. But here they are, the long-awaited raffle winners:

    Dahlia Bakery, $25 Gift Certificates:

    • Jessica Wallace
    • Tram Nguyen
    • Melissa Oseran

    Casa di Italia, $25 Gift Certificate:

    • Jackie Baisa (our wonderful photographer!)

    Allium on Orcas, $25 Gift Certificate:

    • Anne Davis

    Simple Comforts: 50 Heartwarming Recipes by Sur la Table:

    • Yolanda Smith

    Gifts Cooks Love: Recipes for Giving by Diane Morgan:

    • Tracy Anderson

    The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet:

    • Nicole Lindroos

    Eating Local: the Cookbook Inspired by America’s Farmers by Janet Fletcher:

    • Allie Carscadden

    Kathy Casey’s Northwest Table and a jar of Dish D’Lish clover club marmalade:

    • Melissa Liton

    Congrats to all of the winners! I’ll be contacting you by email. Thank you to all of our sponsors for donating these fantastic prizes—the raffle helped us keep collecting donations once the baked goods had long run out!

  4. Will Bake for Food: A Success Story

    November 26, 2010 by bake4food

    Last week, an amazing thing happened. Our friends, our families and our community came together and we made a difference. For weeks, Jenny and I had been doing what we could to make this event happen, and it was time for us to get out of the way. We watched breathlessly the night of November 19 as everyone prepared for the next morning, for Will Bake for Food.

    Five weeks ago, this was just an idea. Four weeks ago, 60 had signed on to help. Three weeks ago Cakespy delivered us a rockin poster. Two weeks ago, we started painting signs. And a week ago, it all came together.

    Our first item to sell out was Eric Rivera’s mysterious golden ticket candy bars, at about 7 minutes (congrats, Shirley!). The next was about 10 minutes later (either those Meyer Lemon Cookies or the mini Pear Frangipane tarts, it’s a toss-up). It just kept going until we ran out about 90 minutes into a 4-hour block. We packed up early, still taking donations as we drove away that afternoon.

    I’m sure you’d like me to get to it, so here it is – the tally:

    • 1631 items sold by 54 bakers, including 108 cupcakes, 82 whoopie pies, 473 cookies, and 150 vanilla beans
    • 2 drink dudes who pulled 138 cups (55 coffee, 83 cider) in 90 minutes
    • 300 people through the door in under 2 hours
    • about 20 volunteers who made the event sing
    • 1903lbs of food and $946

    Northwest Harvest called me on Monday absolutely astonished. They hadn’t expected as much. They only sent one poor driver because the typical event usually collects a tenth as much food. A tenth. One or two of their boxes, he said. This poor guy (and a few of our guys—thanks Walt!) got nearly a TON of food onto his truck. And they didn’t even know about the cash donations, some of which we are donating to the church for giving us the space for free.

    Well before the end of the day, people told us they expected us to do this again next year, and they were signing up a year in advance. ‘Think of the advantage we have by doing this together,’ somebody told me. Together, a couple of dozen things apiece, look at it. Yup.

    And all the while, Jackie Baisa snapped us some great shots. I’m glad she was there and had her wits about her – I didn’t. For those of you who didn’t get pictures, here’s a slideshow of hers. If there are any that you want to use here for a blog post or for your portfolio, drop us a note. And if you took pictures that you would like to share, please send us a link and we’ll add it to this post.

    The snow’s slowed down our raffle drawing – I’ve got the box, Jenny’s got some of the gifts – and we’re trying to get together this Saturday for a swap so we can share those winners too. But until then, revel in it. 1903lbs.

    PS – If you want a complete breakdown of all the items sold at the event, let me know. I wanted to do some sexy infographics, but I lost steam once snow started falling.
    PPS – And yes, we’ll do this next year. We’d like this to be our holiday season event, if that’s OK with y’all.

    Get the flash player here:

  5. Thank you!

    November 21, 2010 by bake4food

    Will Bake for Food was such a rousing success that we sold out in 90 minutes! Thank you to everyone who baked, volunteered, and came by to donate and buy treats. The driver who picked up the NW Harvest donations actually complained about the amount of heavy, full boxes he had to haul away.

    We’re working on crunching the numbers (between naps, whiskey, and slices of apple pie) and will post the final totals soon. Northwest Harvest will weigh our haul and we’ll know sometime this week how much food was collected. We’re also working on the raffle drawing and will alert the winners ASAP!

    Thanks again for making this such a wonderful event. We hope to make it bigger and better the next time around. And if you participated, please take a moment to fill out this survey to help us plan for next year.

    Thank you!

    -The Jennys

  6. Still Not Sure if You Should Come? Read this!

    November 20, 2010 by bake4food

    I’ve been watching Twitter this evening, and I wanted to give you a peek at some of the goodies we’ll have for sale tomorrow morning at the Will Bake for Food event. Everything is first come, first served – we’re not holding back any priority items for anyone. And if you’ve heard about the mystery Golden Ticket of Eric Rivera’s making, well that’s a special case. Those are limited to one bar per person/family – and they will have a slightly higher mark-up.

    But here’s your peek at some of the offerings:
    Beer Bread
    Pear Ginger Granola
    Maple Glazed Pecans
    Coconut Macaroons topped with Chocolate Ganache and Coconut Garam Masala Salt
    Mini-Apple Cakes
    Whoopie Pies (of many varieties)
    Bibingka Bites (a Filipino treat)
    Caramel Chorizo Confit Jars
    Meyer Lemon cookies
    Spiced Peanut Cookies
    Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Sticks
    Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
    Sweet & Salty Caramel Pecan Cookies
    Chocolate Caramel Covered Graham Crackers
    Sweet Dreams
    Cake Doughnuts
    Mini-Pear Tarts
    Chipotle Gingerbread Bars with Cinnamon Coffee Frosting
    Sandbakkle cookies
    French Lavender Madelines
    Bacon Peanut Brittle
    Chocolate Cheesecake Bites
    Snickerdoodle Cookies
    Choklad Biskvier
    Chocolate Tres Leches

    And those are just a few of the things I’ve heard about…

    So come out tomorrow and join us!

  7. Press, Press, Press

    November 18, 2010 by bake4food

    I don’t know about you, but the Jennys are getting damn excited for Saturday. We’re hoping the public is too, especially with all of the great press we’ve gotten!

    Check out these articles about Will Bake for Food on:

    A huge thank you to everyone who has written about the event. We hope all this great press will help to make Will Bake for Food a big success, and something that we’ll be able to repeat annually. And tune in tonight to channel 27 (UWTV) at 7 pm to see our interview with The Daily’s Double Shot.

    I know lots of you have blogged about WBFF as well. If you have, leave the link in the comments and we’ll move it to the list. Thanks!

  8. A Big Prize Announcement

    November 18, 2010 by bake4food

    In addition to some really cool raffle donations by folks like Sur La Table, Lisa Nakamura from Allium on Orcas, and Red Mill, I just learned that there will be a golden ticket hiding in one of Eric Rivera’s chocolate bars. Eric tells us that the ticket’s good for dinner for 2, everything supplied by him. He’s hoping your good luck might translate into a larger donation for Northwest Harvest. That’s good all around.

  9. Our Cider Sponsor

    November 15, 2010 by bake4food

    What’s the holiday season without fresh apple cider? Thanks to the donation of Whole Foods Market, we’ll be serving Skagit Fresh apple cider at Will Bake For Food. We wanted to share a little more information about this excellent cider, which Brett and Curtis will be serving alongside coffee from Trabant this weekend.

    The brainchild of three farmers in the Skagit Valley – Alan Merritt, Richard Sakuma and Jim Perkins – Skagit Fresh cider only uses apples that are grown and harvested by these three farms, all within 20 miles of the cider press. Apples are pressed within one day of being picked from the trees, and each batch of cider contains a different combination of apples depending upon what has been freshly picked. The primary variety is Jonagold, blended with Gravenstein, Gala or Honeycrisp.

    Whole Foods Market locations in the Seattle area carry gallons and half-gallons – each gallon of cider contains 30 apples! Be sure to save one of your tickets for a sample of the freshest apple cider you’ve ever tasted.

  10. Baking Spots filled, but Volunteers still needed!

    November 13, 2010 by bake4food

    We’ve had such an amazing response to this event that we have run out of baking slots – and we still have a week before the event takes place.

    If you’re still interested in helping in some way, we’ll definitely need volunteers to help that Saturday. Please send us a note with your name, e-mail address, and phone number and let us know what hours you’d like to help!

    See you soon!
    the Jennys