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Our Cause

Will Bake for Food 2011 is proud to support the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle and King County. This amazing program provides food to hungry people, right away, when they need it.

Support and counseling are offered along with balanced nutrition. We are thrilled to be able to help this unique, life-changing non-profit. You can read more about EFP’s mission here.



Emergency Feeding Program’s Most Needed Foods:

  • peanut butter (16 oz plastic jars only)
  • canned sweet peas
  • canned fruit cocktail
  • canned peaches/pineapple
  • canned lunch meat
  • canned beef stew (24 oz)
  • tomato juice (48 oz can)
  • powdered milk packets
  • canned corn
  • canned evaporated milk
  • tuna fish (6 oz)
  • vegetarian vegetable soup
  • canned beef chili
  • vegetable oil (24 oz)
  • fish sauce (24 oz)
  • snack pudding
  • mac ‘n’ cheese (7.25 oz)
  • canned green beans

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