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Will Bake for Food got its start in 2010 when Jenny Miller stopped at a red light and faced a woman begging for food for her daughters. Having a toddler underfoot and another baby on the way, she couldn’t imagine not being able to feed her family, and wondered what she could do to help the family. Knowing she was part of a community of food people, she knew they would have a bigger impact if they pooled resources. She called fellow food blogger Jenny Richards, and in three short weeks they organized a bake sale with 60 blogger bakers, selling over 1600 items, raising nearly $1000 and collecting an honest ton of canned goods. The event was born.

Meet the Jennys:









Jenny Miller, author of Rainy Day Gal.


Jenny Richards, author of Purple House Dirt.

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  2. Maria Galvao on said:

    Hi! I am Maria’s Desserts’ owner and baker. I am interested in participating in WillBakeForFood. I bake both conventional and gluten free. For the last market season I have dedicated my baking to gluten free. I mix my own gluten free flour blend and I also use old recipes from Iberian convents that are inherently gluten free. Please let me know if I can contribute. Thank you, Maria

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